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A total of 127 municipal representatives acquired an authorization for conducting the proceedings for alienation and leasing of state construction land
8 јуни 2018
 The practical exam, namely the second part of the exam for acquiring an authorization for conducting the proceedings for alienation and leasing of construction land, owned by the Republic of Macedonia was conducted on May 21st, 2018, at the Examination Center of the Faculty of Law "Iustinianus Primus", at "St. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje. The exam was organized by ZELS and the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Macedonia (MTC). From total of 132 registered candidates, 127 of them passed the same. The candidates’ results were publicly announced immediately after the completion of the exam on the web portal of ZELS – www.zels.org.mk. Namely, the candidates had previously passed the theoretical part of the exam, so they practically fulfilled the requirement to acquire the necessary certificate in order to be able to conduct the procedures for alienation and leasing of the state construction land located in their municipality and at the same time to use the software application www.gradezno-zemjiste.mk. Greater number of municipalities fulfilled one more of the necessary conditions for taking over this competence, which is currently being implemented by 46 units of the local self - government.

The practical and theoretical part of the exam was conducted electronically. Each candidate received a description of 10 practical cases for conducting a procedure for alienation and leasing of construction land, owned by the Republic of Macedonia, afterwards from seven questions related to the practical case the candidate should mark one of the offered answers. Candidates were divided in three groups.

During the same day, (May 31st, 2018), in the Examination Center, for the second time was conducted a theoretical exam for all interested candidates, who followed the initial training organized on January and April 2018. This was a given opportunity to the candidates who failed on May 9, 2018 for re-taking the exam and providing 70% of the required percentage of points. Exactly 50 candidates passed the theoretical part of the exam from total of 75 applicants who were divided in two groups. ZELS will provide timely information to each candidate individually on the exact exam date of the practical part.


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