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The July issue of the ZELS Newsletter is published
12 август 2019


On July 11th, 2019, the Managing Board of ZELS held its eleventh session. The new Minister of Local Self-Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Goran Milevski, invited by the President of ZELS, Petre Shilegov, was present at the session and was acquainted with the general attitudes of the local authorities in the direction of undertaking the following activities for continuation of the decentralization process in the country. Both sides expressed satisfaction with the partnership between the local and central government and it was agreed that setting the outlines of this process initially should be in the hands of the local authorities and in cooperation with the Ministry of Local Self-Government, and then to be presented to the Prime Minister and the relevant ministries. For that purpose, representatives of ZELS were elected at the session to present the views of the Joint Working Body. In fact, as agreed, this working body held its first joint meeting on July 18th, 2019, where besides the Minister and the Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government, two representatives from the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of RNM participated. ZELS representatives presented the draft - concept on why it is necessary to continue with local self-government reforms. A number of reasons were presented, including those that the existing system of local self-government that began implementing on July 1st, 2005, beside its strengths, also revealed many weaknesses and shortcomings that must be eliminated and improved and that the local authorities have a chronic lack of funds available to the local government to perform its responsibilities.

During this month, a session was held by the ZELS Committee of Councils where the attendees discussed the possibilities for providing more funds from the own sources of revenues of the municipalities. The councilors also discussed the issue of determining the amount of the fee for “legalization” of buildings that were illegally constructed in the period after the Law on Treatment of Illegally Constructed Buildings came into force, i.e. after March 3th, 2011.

The ZELS Education Commission also held a session, which reviewed the Draft Law on Primary Education and gave its remarks that the draft laws were not submitted to ZELS, disrupting one of the most important mutually agreed principles of cooperation between the central and local government, established by the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Government and ZELS.

During this month, representatives of ZELS participated in the work of several working bodies that discussed certain laws or projects, such as proposals for amending the Law on Balanced Regional Development and the Law on Concession and Public-Private Partnership.

Newsletter July 2019


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