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Municipalities will develop social services with a grant of 10.8 million Euros
4 ноември 2019


Representatives of the departments for local economic development and municipal servants responsible for issues of social area, on October 31st, 2019, in the premises of ZELS Training Center had the opportunity to get acquainted with the “Project for Improvement of Social Services”. The event was organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in cooperation with ZELS, in order to inform the local authorities in detail about the opportunities for the development of social services, in accordance with the needs of the beneficiaries.

“This is a good opportunity to support the local government in providing social services to its citizens. Especially at a time when ZELS, together with the Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, is carrying out numerous activities to identify opportunities for deepening the decentralization process and transferring more competencies to the local level, including social protection competences. Therefore, I consider this as a useful training for the local administration to prepare them in the future to independently manage these funds and to implement projects that will provide protection for citizens from social groups in their environment, ”said Dusica Perisic, Executive Director of ZELS.

It was emphasized that the call will be opened in December and municipalities will have the opportunity to apply for Grants for this project, intended for social service development projects in local communities, including direct social service, individual or family assistance, home care, personal assistance, day care, temporary care, small group homes, day care centers and living support services and other innovative community services. The municipalities themselves select the partners for the grant application for the project, and the agreement is conducted by the three parties: the MLSP, the municipality and the partner.

- “One of the main goals of the project is to develop and improve the quality of social services in local communities, in accordance with the needs of citizens and to increase access to social services targeted at vulnerable groups of citizens, the elderly, persons with disabilities and others, for which a total of 10.8 million Euros has been provided by a World Bank loan for a five-year implementation period, “said Dusan Tomsic of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

At the presentation, the attendees were introduced to the new Law on Social Protection, in which new services were developed in the field of social protection, and by the implementation of this Project, their practical implementation begins. The Law clearly defines the obligations of the local government, and one of them is that the municipality needs to establish a Council for Social Protection. Municipalities will in particular have the opportunity to develop “counseling services” where they can get support from NGOs, companies, experts, as well as “home services”, where the need to help the elderly dominates. Municipalities will play a major role in identifying the real needs of social service beneficiaries and mapping the social space of the most vulnerable categories. It was pointed out that those that will provide social services must have a license, to meet the determined standards, and the procedure is also posted on the MLSP web site. A double effect is expected to be achieved: to increase support for social protection and to enable the employment of persons who would like to get involved in providing social services.

It was emphasized that a project office was opened for the implementation of the project, which will provide support to the municipalities for the implementation of the project, in order for the municipalities to be ready for the call, and a Commission that will review and approve the applications will also be established.


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