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The new issue of the ZELS Newsletter is published
13 јуни 2019


ZELS congratulates Hekuran Duka, Mayor of the Municipality of Debar; Nikola Andonov, Mayor of the Municipality of Novo Selo and Konstantin Georgieski, Mayor of the Municipality of Ohrid for their victory and wishes them a successful cooperation with ZELS. They are three new mayors who got the trust of the citizens on the early local elections that were held in these municipalities in the period April/May 2019.

The chronic lack of financial resources of the local authorities for implementation of its competencies was confirmed once again at the third meeting of the ZELS Commission on Finances. The findings from the analyzes for the financial sustainability of the municipalities; investments in municipalities; administering taxes; block grants, etc., were presented at the meeting by an expert from the World Bank. More reports on the financing of local government were presented at the 33rd session of the Commission for monitoring the development of the municipal financing system, held in the premises of ZELS. This data points to a decrease in the level of participation in reference to GDP of the total income of the local government. A meeting with representatives of the National Bank of RNM was also held in ZELS, where the challenges faced by the local government units in the procedure of enforced collection of monetary claims from individuals were presented.

At the ninth session, the Managing Board of ZELS paid special attention to the situation with firefighting units, as well as to the challenges of the municipalities with AD “EVN”. The Project-proposal for energy efficiency in the field of public lighting was also accepted at the session.

The ZELS Commission for Urbanism and Physical Planning, in expanded composition, reviewed the Draft-Law on Physical and Urban Planning, for which several proposals and remarks were presented. A meeting was also held by the ZELS Commission for Local Economic Development, which determined the necessity for changing the laws and regulations in the area of catering and tourism.

In the past period, ZELS had other numerous activities, trainings and meetings, and a call for application of candidates for following the training and taking the exam for acquiring authorization for conducting a procedure for construction land was announced. Also, ZELS has announced a call for municipalities to apply for acquiring the regional certificate for a favorable business environment (BFC SEE). Municipalities that applied for the call of the new Project for sustainable urban mobility, which is implemented by ZELS in cooperation with GIZ, were also selected. You may read about these and other events in this issue of the ZELS newsletter

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