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Representatives of the local government participated with their proposals in the preparation of the ZELS Draft training plan for 2020
6 февруари 2020

On February 5th, 2020, at the ZELS Training Centre, a workshop was organized on the preparation of the ZELS Annual Training Plan. For this purpose, ZELS invited representatives of the ZELS professional networks (including the presidents of the networks that have appointed such a person, as well as HR officers from several municipalities) to underline the training needs of the municipal administration in the relevant areas under the jurisdiction of the local government: finance, human resources management, municipal education inspectors, PR officers, local economic development - LED, IT officers, communal wardens, urban planning, energy and energy efficiency, lawyers, environmental protection, European affairs and funds, local traffic inspectors, roads and road traffic, territorial firefighting units. At the beginning of the workshop, the attendees discussed the challenges they face to adequately fulfill the legal obligations to continuously upgrade the capacity of the municipal administration, and then working groups by areas were established in which a series of concrete training proposals were suggested that will be incorporated in the preparation of the new ZELS Training Plan for this year.

Municipal representatives emphasized that they often receive training offers from private companies that are not adequate to the local government and are at the same time a major financial burden for the municipality. They pointed out that the Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MISA) for several years now sends to the municipalities the same list of trainings for municipal administration, where the mentioned trainings are mostly general, consist only of lectures and do not meet the needs of the municipal administration. It was emphasized that representatives of the municipal administration need more specialized trainings, which should be conducted with an interaction of participants and lecturers, designed for the needs of the local, rather than the state administration, and where attendees at the same time will be able to exchange mutual experiences of everyday work, respectively to implement the legal provisions and procedures. They pointed out that very often they also need trainings in preparing and drafting adequate documents and plans or implementing certain procedures that are specific and characteristic only to the local government. They emphasized that so far such trainings have been mostly organized by the ZELS Training Centre, so it was suggested that ZELS should coordinate and pointed to MISA to adapt the list of offered trainings according to the needs of the municipal administration. The participants also highlighted the challenge posed by the new Law on Inspection Supervision, where if the municipality does not provide adequate specialized training for the inspectors in the area for which they were licensed, they would not be able to obtain the necessary points during the annual assessment and they will not be guilty of this. Providing such trainings is at the same time an additional financial burden for the municipality because these trainings are often expensive and rare.

In this regard, the attendees were informed that the ZELS Training Center, noting this need, is already intensively reviewing the concept of organizing specialized trainings for local authorities, for which municipalities would have to allocate a certain financial compensation. Anyway, that compensation would be lower than that provided by private training centers, as ZELS would engage in providing adequate experts and trainings would be held at the ZELS Training Centre. It was also emphasized that many municipalities send their employees to trainings for which they pay a considerable amount of funds, although ZELS has organized free trainings in this area. This situation was also discussed by the Managing Board of ZELS, which resulted in the recommendation for active participation of municipalities in the preparation of the ZELS Training Plan and its continuous monitoring. In this regard, the representatives of ZELS encouraged the attendees to highlight all the trainings they need in order to prepare an appropriate ZELS Training Plan for 2020, where besides providing free trainings, opportunities for paid specialized trainings would also be considered.

All the things that were mentioned at this workshop and working groups will be structured in the 2020 Draft Training Plan, which will be sent for review during the next week to all municipalities and representatives present at this workshop.


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