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ZELS Newsletter’s June edition published
3 јули 2018

In this issue of the ZELS Newsletter, we publish the revised "Systematized Positions of ZELS", adopted by the Managing Board, at its fifth session, held on May 31, 2018. They represent a rationalized and updated list of 16 proposals and requests, which in the next period will be the ZELS starting point for negotiations with the central government, among which of particular importance are those related to the provision of greater financial stability in the LSGUs and the commitment for a new wave in the strategic development of the country's decentralization process. The efforts of ZELS are based on quality analyzes to make an overview on the situation of the thirteen years of implementation of the decentralization process and to determine quality directions for its further real and qualitative implementation.

During this month ZELS organized several meetings, counseling and conferences. According to this, in ZELS was held a meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Interior for resolving the misunderstandings related to the proposals for improvement of the traffic regime. The ZELS Network of the Local Inspectors for Traffic, Roads and Road Traffic held a meeting in order to discuss the challenges and numerous uncertainties in the legal provisions regarding this area. The TFFU Network also held a meeting, at which requested immediate provision of sustainable management of the system for fire protection and crisis management. As well as the Network of the PR persons of the local government organized counseling on topic: "Managing internal communication - important condition for transparent municipal operation".

In the premises of ZELS and with the representatives of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, the department for communication, accountability and transparency was organized a training for the mayors and finance persons, on topic how to use the tool for expenses accountability of the public officials. ZELS, in cooperation with the US Embassy in the Republic of Macedonia, organized a presentation on topic "Good Practices for public management and solving public challenges in the local government". The ZELS Financing Committee held a constituent session and elected the Mayor of the Municipality of Veles, Ace Kocevski as President, and a meeting was also held by the Commission for Monitoring the Development of the Financing System of the Municipalities that reviewed the Decree on the methodology for allocation of VAT and the same adopted.

ZELS also organized the finalization of the project "Strengthening capacities for gender responsive policies and budgeting at local level". On this occasion, on June 13, 2018 in Skopje, was held a conference, at which discussed the municipal coordinators of the committees for gender equality, the representatives of the municipal commissions and the representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. The overall activities of the project were implemented by ZELS, with the support of UN Women Office in Skopje.

The Municipality of Ilinden is the seventh municipality in the Republic of Macedonia that acquired the regional certificate for favorable business environment - "Business Friendly Certification South East Europe (BFC SEE)". In this issue of the ZELS Newsletter will be presented the activities and successes of this municipality, on the road to obtaining this important regional certificate.

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