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Call for participation for “POWER Best Practice Award for municipalities that implement innovative practices in the field of water sustainability”
7 февруари 2019

Increasingly more municipalities globally are confronted with the water scarcity, droughts, floods, polluted water, as well as other challenges that require innovative solutions and measures to overcome them. This is why POWER, a project funded by the EU under the Horizon 2020 program, is issuing the POWER Best Practice Award for innovative water sustainability practices on a municipal level. Municipalities in the EU and in Israel are encouraged to submit a description of an innovative solution they have applied in the field of flood and extreme weather prevention, water conservation and sustainable water consumption. By sharing good practices with other members of the POWER water communities, Your municipality could become one of the top 3 municipalities to get the POWER Best Practice Award for water sustainability. The award includes an invitation to present the municipality’s innovative practice at the international POWER conference, which is planned to be held in September this year, as well as communication and dissemination of the practice in the international POWER network of sustainability experts. For further information please go to the following link https://bestpractices.powerh2020.eu/?location=community&fbclid=IwAR1dgImfySEAmzV98VR6JojXTXBR05vr0d45bovHpreKjEDaK34iezcat7s, or contact: Nina Stiehr, Climate Alliance, Tel. +49-69-717139-35, n.stiehr(at)climatealliance.org ; Kalina Drenska, European Institute for Participatory Media (EIPCM), Tel. +49-30-20076194, k.drenska(at)eipcm.org.

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