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The new issue of the ZELS Newsletter is published
5 јули 2019


In June, the Managing Board of ZELS held a meeting with the President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, which was attended by counselors from his Cabinet. At the meeting was agreed a timeframe on the dynamics of activities that lead to the direction as of January 1st, 2020 to begin the realization of the new wave in the strategic development of decentralization of the local government in the country, the provision of the greater financial stability of the local government units and gradual transferring of the competencies from central to local level, in the areas where it will be assessed that is possible and necessary.

In June, the highest body of ZELS, General Assembly also held a session in Struga. The mayors, as well as the representatives of municipal councils, who are delegates of this highest body of ZELS, discussed the current challenges of the local government and adopted the Financial Report of the Association for the last year, as well as certain statutory amendments and supplements. ZELS President Petre Shilegov, in his address stressed the need for the local government units to be maximally self-critical in the collection of their own revenues, that is, to undertake urgent activities for completing the base of facilities that are subject to taxation and perform a re-assessment of tax base, according to the current methodology. The ZELS Supervisory Board also held a session, where when reviewing the Financial Report the members emphasized the importance for municipalities to regularly pay the membership fee.

The Joint Consultative Committee between the Republic of North Macedonia and the Committee of the Regions of the European Union (JCC) held this month its sixteenth meeting in Brussels, which was attended by delegates from ZELS. It was talked about the challenges, but also about the progress of decentralization in our country, and one of the two topics was dedicated to the strengthening of good governance.

The members of the ZELS Commission for urbanism and spatial planning held its third session where they discussed the Draft Law on urban planning, which is in the parliamentary procedure. A session was also held by the Commission for monitoring the development of the municipal financing system, where among other things it was concluded that the local authorities need more funds for proper implementation of the competencies. Several trainings with the municipal administration, as well as a workshop for the counselors from the thematic working group for financing and budget on the topic “Participative budgeting and civil budget” were also organized.

You may read more about these and other activities that ZELS realized in June in the June issue of the ZELS Newsletter.

ZELS Newsletter June 2019


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