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ZELS Newsletter’s December edition published
10 јануари 2020


ZELS carried out numerous activities in December, including the holding of the fifth session of the General Assembly, the highest body of the Association. The delegates adopted important documents for the operation of ZELS for the following year: ZELS Action Plan and Budget for 2020, and certain amendments to the Statute of ZELS were also adopted. The President of ZELS, Petre Shilegov, informed the delegates on the realization of the new draft-concept of ZELS for enhancement of the system of local government in our country. He emphasized that the general commitment of ZELS is to deepen the decentralization process, but the transfer of new competencies must be accompanied by adequate financial means needed for their implementation. Shilegov appealed to the attendees stressing that municipalities should be more active in collecting their own revenues, especially the property tax.

Representatives of the Macedonian and European local authorities, delegates of the Joint Consultative Committee between the Republic of North Macedonia and the Committee of the Regions of the European Union (JCC), discussed the role of local government in our country's commitments to obtain candidate status to join the European Union, as well as the challenges in local economic development at the meeting held this month, in Skopje. The Vice President of ZELS, Visar Ganiu emphasized that for less than six months since the last JCC meeting in Brussels, substantial activities have been initiated in our country to deepen the process of decentralization of governance.

ZELS also conducted a series of trainings for strengthening the capacities of the municipal administration during this month. About forty representatives of the ZELS Network of Human Resource Management gained certificates for participation in trainings for conducting functional analysis in the municipality. More trainings were held for the members of the ZELS Environment Network, as well as for the local government representatives from the IT sector. The members of the ZELS Local Economic Development Network held training in the ZELS Training Centre for the preparation of this strategic document at the request of the municipalities, whose multi-year strategic plans for local economic development are in the process of expiration. Preliminary training was also held at the ZELS Training Centre for the fifteen-member team of the city, which should implement the process of re-certification of this local government unit to retain the BFC SEE certificate, which will start in January 2020.

A working meeting was also held with the members of the thematic working group on gender equality, who in the working section “How to enhance the work of the Equal Opportunity Commissions (EOCs) in local government?” demanded greater support from councilors in providing gender-responsive municipal policies and programs. You may be informed in detail about these and other information from the contents of this issue of the ZELS Newsletter.

ZELS Newsletter 12.2019


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