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The March issue of the ZELS Newsletter published
3 април 2019


The Managing Board of ZELS, at the eighth session reached a conclusion to put an end to the legalization of the illegally built buildings for one euro per square meter. This arose from the discussion on the draft-version of the draft-Law on the Establishment of Legal Status of Illegally Built Buildings, prepared by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The Managing Board of ZELS determined that direct participation of representatives from ZELS is necessary in the preparation of the draft legal measures in this area, and that should be advocated the position that for these facilities should be paid the regular envisaged communal costs, but at the same time additional penalties, as a penalty that they were being dealt with illegally. The Managing Board also initiated an initiative that ZELS submitted to the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia and to the Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MISA), regarding the amendments to the Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services, in the Article 102. It was pointed out that with the amendments is limiting the right of the local self-government units and it is forbidden for them to foreseen means for informing the public about their services or activities through private broadcasters. This makes the work of the municipalities difficult, especially the smaller ones, to implement Article 8 of the Law on Local Self-Government, which stipulates that the bodies of the municipality, the commissions of the Council and the public services established by the municipality, are obliged to inform the citizens about their work, as well as about the plans and programs that are important for the development of the municipality.

In March, more attention was paid to the activation of the work of the ZELS commissions, which comprise exclusively of mayors, unlike the professional networks of ZELS, which are comprised of representatives from the municipal administration. From the total of eight commissions of ZELS, whose members were determined by the Managing Board, seven held a constitutive session in March. The Commission on Finances was constituted in the previous period. Each commission elected its president from among its members and determined the manner of its further work, and above all determined the current challenges that will solve appropriately. In this month, The ZELS Network of Territorial Fire Fighting Units (TFFU) held a meeting in the premises of ZELS, which voted its new president, due to retiring to the previous one, but also reviewed a series of challenges faced by these bodies and the firefighters.

ZELS became officially part of the project “Local Self-Government and the Change of Urban-Rural Relations – LoGov”, as one of the 10 partners of the Project Consortium. The project aims to achieve specific goals in order to strengthen the ability of local authorities to deal with the impact of urban-rural divisiveness.

For these and other activities of ZELS in this period, you can read in the March issue of the ZELS Newsletter.

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