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ZELS Commission on urbanism reviewed the Draft Law on Urban Planning in extended composition
16 април 2019


On April 12th, 2019, the Commission for urbanism and spatial planning at ZELS held its second session in the administrative building of the Association, and discussed the Draft - Law on urban planning, adoption of which is in parliamentary procedure. The Commission adjourned in an extended composition, where in addition to the mayors members of this body, the Presidents of two commissions of ZELS were also invited: the Commission for rural development and the Commission for local economic development, the Mayor of the municipality of Centar, the Mayor of the municipality of Cair and Vice - President of ZELS, representatives from the Ministry of transport and communications as competent proposing authority, as well as representatives from several municipalities competent in the area of urbanism. The invited professor, PhD Miroslav Grchev was also present at the meeting, in his capacity as adviser to the President of the Government on issues concerning urbanism and spatial planning.

It was pointed out that the new legal solutions create conditions for faster implementation of the procedure for adoption of urban plans. This has so far been one of the main challenges for all local authorities, since its delayed adoption interfered the development of the local economy and ensuring new investments in the municipalities. Namely, there are cases when certain plans are in process of adoption for seven or more years. The proposed Law stipulates that institutions and bodies competent for giving its opinion are obliged to submit it within 15 working days, and if the opinion is not issued in the foreseen period, it is not considered an obstacle for continuing the procedure. The proposal also offers certain positive directions in terms of dealing with the challenges of constructing outside the populated areas, by development of an urban project on the basis of which a building permit can be issued, also foreseeing various types of plans for settlements, depending on their level of development, density, history of spatial planning and so on. This is of particular importance for rural municipalities, which face insufficient planning coverage of their territory, which is a serious obstacle for the realization of certain projects or new economic investments.

The attendees presented a series of opinions and views on the proposed legal solutions, where, among other things, it was noted that although it is possible for the local governments to establish a Public institution for urbanism, it can be performed by almost a minimum number of units of local self-government, that is, only those who have a minimum of 80,000 inhabitants. Other remarks were made regarding the anticipated number of staff and similar issues. The challenges of certain municipalities, especially those within the territory of the City of Skopje, stated situations where detailed urban plans exceed the parameters given in the General Urban Plan. At the end of the meeting, ZELS concluded that all stated remarks and suggestions are going to be summarized and submitted in writing to the Ministry of transport and communications for consideration and allowing for Parliamentary amendment debate.


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