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The representatives of the ZELS Network for HRM held a workshop related to the preparation of Rulebooks for the firefighting units operation
12 јули 2018

On July 10, 2018, in the ZELS Training Center, the members of the ZELS Network for Human Resources Management (HRM) organized a workshop related to the preparation of the "Rulebook for the effect management procedure of the TFFUs employees" and the "Rulebook on Salaries’ Payment", as well as determination of the criteria for the firefighters employment procedure. The participants reviewed many draft documents, prepared by HRM persons from several municipalities, which were the basis for starting a discussion on how could the municipalities with TFF units prepare the most adequate rulebooks.

As followed, it was discussed about the implementation of the firefighter’s employment procedure, mainly the determination of the criteria for their employment and assessment in order to provide quality candidates, as well as the determination of the need for continuous upgrading of the firefighters’ knowledge and skills. Because it is impossible to provide the necessary literature for educating such personnel, the attendees discussed the possibilities for further education, as well as who should cover the financial costs for such activities. It was also discussed about the systematization manner of the firefighters' workplaces, as well as the if it is necessary to establish a separate unit for protection and rescue, which would include and the TFFUs and according to this which are the possibilities the Ministry of Information Society and administration to give approval to these municipalities.

At the end of the workshop, the attendees highlighted that many unclear issues related to the proper preparation of these Rulebooks were clarified. The discussion will contribute for ensuring certain municipal unification in the preparation of the rulebooks, namely in ​​determining the procedures related to this area, as well as will contribute for overcoming the differences and inconsistencies among the municipalities in paying salaries for TFFUs employees and their organization manner. The participants discussed the need for harmonizing the procedures for employing firefighters and the manner of their selection, as well as for overcoming the problem with lawsuits submitted by the firefighters. It was also emphasized that the municipalities without such prepared documents should approach to their preparation.

At the end of the meeting the attendants agreed the next meeting to be held by the end of the second half of August, when a smaller working group consisted by the members of the HRM Network in cooperation with representatives of the ZELS TFFUs Network will prepare several particular models of these rulebooks.


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