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The Commission for Urbanism and Spatial planning ZELS has held its 3th session
7 јуни 2019

ZELS Commission for urbanism and spatial planning, held its third session on June 6th, when, besides the members of this Commission, the invited experts from the municipal administration the session was attended by invited Prof. Dr. Miroslav Grchev in capacity of Adviser to the President of the Government on issues in the field of urban and spatial planning. On this session, The Commission reviewed the text of the Draft - Amendments for revising the text of the Draft Law on urban planning which is currently in the procedure of adoption in the National Assembly, during which a public hearing will be held on the adopted Decision of the Parent Committee in the Assembly which considers this law. The Commission also reviewed the text of the Draft Law on construction as well as the Regulation on categorization of the buildings prepared by Mr. Grchev. The Commission particularly discussed the issue of the right of the municipalities to establish their own public spatial planning companies, the necessary conditions that need to be fulfilled for their operation, as well as the issue of the scope of their work. It was explained that the private licensed legal entities that perform this activity organized by the Chambers of Commerce and the Chamber of Architects and Engineers strongly oppose this proposal in terms of violation of the principles of fair competition, given that these enterprises will be subsidized by the founder - the competent municipality. The especially important issue, the use of the updated cadastral plots free of charge when developing urban plans was discussed, but this with legal solution, since the Agency for cadaster insisted that its source of income is largely financed by this fee, hence, the municipalities shpuld not pay compensation for using the cadastre data for planning the space only when preparing the plan with its adoption, while any further amendments of the plan will be funded as before.

Considering that at this moment the issue of urgent determination of the final version of the text of the Law on construction is not a priority, the Commission was informed about the main features and scope of the text of this Law, with the obligation for further additional active involvement in its further elaboration.

The Commission will actively participate in the public hearings organized for both laws, starting from the first public hearing organized on the occasion of the Law on urban planning, where the statements of ZELS will be presented by the President of this Commission in the Assembly.


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